Tommaso Vitiello

Tommaso Vitiello, was born in Mercogliano (AV) on 9/11/1992.

In 2016 he graduated from the Faculty of Arts and Cultural Heritage with a thesis in Art History Criticism and Methodology, entitled "PHOTOGRAPHED NAPLES", edited by the art historian Carmela Vargas.
He trained in Naples in photography and lighting at the biennial course of the Manovalanza theater company with the photographer Davide Scognamiglio. In 2015 he joined KAOS PRODUZIONI by Stefano Gargiulo, a multidisciplinary working group that deals with the design and implementation of multimedia, scenic and exhibition projects.
For several years, as a photographer and videomaker, he has collaborated in storytelling and documentation works with Manovalanza, Arthemisia, MADRE Museum, Capodimonte Museum and the Napoli Teatro Festival Italia. From 2018 he deals with the documentation of the special FOODISTRIBUTION project by Davide Scognamiglio and Daniele Ciprì, for the Napoli Teatro Festival Italia, now in its fourth edition. In 2020 he joined the team of the DIGITAL ECOSYSTEM project promoted by the Campania Region, for the photographic digitization of the cultural heritage of the Capodimonte Museum.
From 2018 he is part of Antonio Biasiucci's LAB Irregolare, with a photographic research project on memory and domestic life.
He currently works as a freelance photographer in the field of set, backstage, exhibitions and commercial photography parallel to his personal photographic research.